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Selected English articles:

  • Hohashi, N., & Honda, J. (2012). Development and testing of the Survey of Family Environment (SFE): A novel instrument to measure family functioning and needs for family support. Journal of Nursing Measurement, 20(3), 212-229. doi:10.1891/1061-3749.20.3.212
  • Hohashi, N., & Honda, J. (2011). Development of the Concentric Sphere Family Environment Model and companion tools for culturally congruent family assessment. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 22(4), 350-361. doi:10.1177/1043659611414200 (Impact factor: 0.953)
  • Hohashi, N., & Honda, J. (2011). Family functioning of child-rearing Japanese families on family-accompanied work assignments in Hong Kong. Journal of Family Nursing, 17(4), 485-510. doi:10.1177/1074840711424284 (Impact factor: 1.689)
  • Hohashi, N., Honda, J., & Kong, S. K. (2008). Validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Feetham Family Functioning Survey (FFFS). Journal of Family Nursing, 14(2), 201-223. doi:10.1177/1074840708315967 (Impact factor: 1.689)


Updated December 28, 2012